Vanessa Nguyen

Photographer + Digital Content Creator


"I'll be the friend that takes aesthetic photos of you while you pretend you're not looking."


Just a 20-something year old girl living in a sleepy city by the sea. Photography became a means of documenting the world around her, and to create and share memories with friends and family. Amongst this all, she has interests in food, fashion, beauty, and fitness. You can usually find a sighting of Vanessa at your local coffee shop, standing up to take an aerial photo of her food and coffee. No shame.

Starting off in the digital world as a fashion blogger, Vanessa realised soon after that she preferred being behind the camera, and being given the freedom to frame and compose her own photographs. This culminated in her partnering up with a friend to provide small businesses in Perth product photography, and occasionally dabbling in streetwear and portrait photography.


Product Styling
Market Research Skills
Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom