Finding structure.

When I made the parallel leap from fashion blogger to photographer, I always knew that I would end up being behind the camera to shoot someone else’s outfit-of-the-day images. However, I didn’t think that I would start off my photography career as a product stylist and photographer for small businesses. After a couple of months on concentrating solely on flatlays and products, I decided that I needed to set new challenges and goals for myself. 2016 has definitely been a year of stepping out of my comfort zone. I found that I had become stagnant and spoiled when it came to manipulating light and object composition to make sure I was taking perfect photos.

Instead of waiting for a blogger to approach me, I decided that I just needed to ask my friends to be models for me. An opportunity arose when I was asked to shoot an elopement in the city. I asked my good friend, Precious, if she could accompany me while I scouted for locations and be a human placeholder. It started off as a light-hearted adventure, but soon turned into a conversation about what I wanted to wear and how I wanted her to pose. By the time the day rolled around, it soon became apparent that I had coerced her into being an actual model for me.


Adventure awaits.

I’ve also always been a fan of architecture. Even though I know nothing about the process of building a structure, I can definitely say that I can appreciate a good looking building when I see one. So, it was no surprise that QV1 on Hay St was one of the first places that I wanted to stop at. I’ve taken my own OOTD photos here once before, and really loved the look of the sleek white buildings with plenty of angles and curves.

Challenges and end results.

Coming from a background in product photography where I am able to manipulate the way light falls and is directed onto my subject, I find it very difficult to shoot in direct sunlight. This is an example of how I’m trying to challenge myself to try new things and find solutions to issues that I know I will have in the future. We shot these photos at around 12 or 1PM where the sun was directly overhead. What I found useful was underexposing the images in order to retain as much detail in my highlights as I could, knowing that I could fix the exposure in post-processing later.

In the photos below, I tried playing around with shadows a little as well, which I think turned out well. Fun story, I was shooting beyond an automatic sliding door where I had to do a little dance every few seconds to make sure the doors didn’t close mid-shutter. But I guess there’s nothing wrong with looking a little goofy every once in a while anyway.