Next one up.

Going back to the day Precious and I went “location scouting,” we found ourselves at the Forrest Centre, which is usually full of office workers trying to find the least windy route to their lunch. On this Saturday however, there was not a single person, which worked well for us because we didn’t particularly want people to popping in the background of our photos.

Touch your hair.

Another challenge that I found was directing poses. I’m not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but after years of following fashion and style blogs, I’ve become quite natural at posing for photographs, especially the “nonchalant,” expressions. Because of this, I assume that everyone else would be able to strike a different pose after each shutter release. Precious is only new at not being camera shy, so I did have to direct a little, which felt a little awkward as I didn’t have a particular image in mind and therefore wasn’t fussed on how she posed as long as it looked nice, haha.

So that’s definitely something I have to work on in the future.

Temperature and tint.

What I love most about this set of photos is the lighting and how although it is quite flat, the shadows and highlights fell in the perfect place across her skin. This is the sort of lighting that I crave and work best in. Maybe because it’s not such a challenge to produce good images, but because I prefer to a more picture-perfect skin tone across my portraits as opposed to having harsh shadows as a distraction.

With the green foliage in the background, I did find that her skin did turn out a little green before post-processing, but that’s nothing that can be fixed with the paintbrush and some slight tweaking with the tint setting, bringing in a bit more purple into her skin.



Final thoughts.

I’m happy with the way this set of images came out. It did take a few edits to really nail how I wanted the colours to appear. I like how creamy and smooth her skin looks without using Photoshop or any sort of frequency separation. All I did was bring down the clarity, which is something I’ve been doing more often. In the past, I’ve always increased the clarity, but now I feel like my images look better when they’re softer. Finding the right balance in her skin tone was also a little difficult as I had to change the tint, bring down the oranges, and increase the luminance without making her look like too pale or too saturated.